Monday, December 5, 2011

Adventures in Quilt Design, or How to Make Yourself Crazy in Three Hours or Less

My evening started with a consultation with my mother.  She is an artist and has taken courses on colour theory and while our tastes differ significantly, I value her opinion greatly. We reviewed the individual blocks for Levi's bed quilt that I posted yesterday and she helped me make some quick decisions, like removing all of the solid black pieces from the quilt. I took some additional notes in the vein of "remove red from block 12 and replace with green or yellow" and hung up, thinking I'd spend half an hour rearranging fabric and then put the blocks away for the night. Yeah, that so did not happen. 
If I stare long enough, maybe they will rearrange themselves!
Decisions I made tonight, in between pulling my hair out 

1.  The three fabrics pictured below do not work in the quilt and have been pulled.  The black creates a hole in every block it's placed in. I initially thought I needed to integrate black pieces since I'm planning to use black as the sashing and border but I've changed my mind. The green isn't a perfect match and I found this visually jarring. The yellow and orange print feels too modern beside the other, more retro prints. I've left the solid mustard and red pieces in for now because I think having solids in the blocks gives your eyes a place to rest. 
2.  I am going to rip the already pieced mini-blocks below so that they are available for use in the quilt.  They are left over from the Watch Me Grow Chart.  I didn't have any plans for them, but ripping seams is tedious and I'd hoped to avoid it.  Also, each piece is only four inches long which means I'll only be able to use them as the smallest part of the block.  Still, having eliminated three fabrics, I think they might come in handy.

3.  These here strips are from the original jelly roll and I wasn't planning on using them because, as you can see, each strip actually has four different prints in it. But again, I need options and I like that they are each only one colour (and white).

Here is the layout of my quilt as of right now. There are holes as you can see and I haven't cut some of the strips because I have limited quantities of some of them and I don't want to cut, say, a four and a half inch strip and then later wish I had a six and a half inch strip instead.

Finally, I know there are folks out there reading my craft adventures and DUDES, I need input! What do you think is working in this here quilt design? What looks terrible? Should I take out the solid red pieces? What say you?

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  1. I say I need to come over and see it in person, that's what say I. But right off the bat, in the second row down, the first and second blocks from the left look odd right next to each other... the vertical red stripes are too repetitious and I think they need to be spaced out a little more.