Thursday, November 17, 2011

Now Two Times More Absorbant!

Oh! Hi there! Remember me? I'm still around and crafting up a storm.  Levi is significantly more active now, so my blogging time has been greatly reduced. When faced with the choice between blogging or sewing, sewing wins every time. As a result, I have a backlog of projects to share with you, starting with today's creations - double sided receiving blankets (or DSRBs because I'm lazy and don't want to type that out multiple times).

If your baby is a spewer, you need these! I wish I had thought of them eight months ago, when Levi was spitting up after every feed and I was going through upwards of ten receiving blankets a day. Alas, it wasn't until Sara told me how handy the blanket I made for her was, that I recognized their genius. Double the flannel, double the absorbancy! Also, double the cute, since you can use coordinating prints.

My newest nephew was born this morning and I am thrilled to pass along the knowledge that DSRBs are all kinds of amazing to my sister-in-law (and brother-in-law!).  I made three today and they are adorable.  Behold, my DSRBs:

DSRB's are super easy to make. Take two rectangular pieces of flannel and place them right sides facing together.  You can make your pieces any size you like. I like to make extra large blankets, to increase their usability, for example, they can be used as swaddling blankets, stroller blankets or play mats.  Next step: seam all four sides.  IMPORTANT!  Leave a six inch opening on one side for turning the blanket right side out.  I used pinking shears to trim my edges and clipped my corners before turning my blanket.  Then I used a chopstick to get my corners poking out nicely.  Press the edges so that they lay flat (this is particularly important if you choose to topstitch like I did). Top stitche about a quarter of an inch in all around.  This last step is optional, but I think adds a lovely detail.  And voila! You're done.

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  1. I love those owls the very best!

    Can't wait to see more of your projects.