Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday: It's Still Wednesday Right?

This is going to be short and sweet because, well, I'm exhausted, and also, my computer keeps rejecting the disk containing all of the pictures I'm taken this week. So annoying!

I've had a crazy productive week in terms of crafting, which required a trip to Fabricland.  I picked up some cute new flannels, terrycloth and ribbons (for Levi's Lovie, which you've seen already).

I made three pairs of baby carrier Suck Pads. I took a ton of photos with thoughts of posting a tutorial or just to show my process. Perhaps I'll write that up some time, but not tonight.  For the first set, I used ribbon tape and a thick towel that I cut up. Sewing the ribbon tape on sucked. There must be a way to do it properly with a sewing machine and if I really wanted to figure it out I'd get googleing but...meh. Velcro works like a charm for this project. I'll tackle ribbon tape another time.

For my second pair I used a purple towel and some cute blue "bears in space" flannel a friend gave to me.  And Velcro. Unfortunately, this Velcro was sticky on the back which my machine did not appreciate. I've since purchased proper Velcro (as an aside, did you know that generic velcro is called hook and loop fasteners? Neither did I.).  On my second attempt I made the pads taller. They are also shorter (end to end), due to the velcro having more width than the ribbon tape. Working with real towels was really messy, hence my having purchased terry cloth.  Despite this, I'm really happy with version two and plan on gifting them to a family with a new baby next week.

I finished up a soother clip that I had begun many weeks ago. It's great! Soother clips (the strip part) are Levi's favorite chew toy (um, that makes him sound like a puppy instead of a baby...) so we really need to have multiples. I hope to make a few more in the coming weeks.

I made Levi a bib as a test run for one I wanted to give as a gift.  I created a template pattern using some cheap white cloth fabric that I inherited. It has a touch of wonkiness to it, one "strap" being thicker than the other, but I think this adds a fun homemade quality to it.

And finally, I made a baby gift set for my friend Sara of Sweet & Crunchy (go check out her WIP Wednesday contribution. She's busy prepping her kids room for a new addition).  Along with a bib and suck pads, I made a reversible receiving blanket.

Okay, there are still fifteen minutes left of this Wednesday! I'm off to link up with Freshly Pieced.
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  1. They're adorable, and I can't wait to use them!