Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Rafi's Dress

The Pattern

Currently on my needles, is the Maxi Dress by Elena Nodel from her blog Knitting Adventures.  This is turning out to be a surprisingly quick knit.  It's knit top down, in one piece (no seaming!). 

This dress is destined for my adorable neighbour, Rafi, who is turning two on June 6.  Her parents are fantastic people who have been so generous to Kivi and me since our Pumpkin arrived.  They are always dropping off something new for us.  Last week it was a teething toy that they said was Rafi's favorite thing to gum.  The week before it was homemade curry.  They gifted us bibs and washcloths and on and on.  Not to mention the advice and support around becoming parents. We are so lucky to have friends like them! 

The Yarn
I'm using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton 

and Estelle Cotton Cloud

I got a terrific price from Haley at Knitomatic on the Mission Falls because the line is being discontinued.  I paid about $3 a ball.  Not too shabby. Rafi has a dark complexion so I think the fuchsia and browns will really suit her.

I was able to accomplish a good chunk of the dress driving to and from Ottawa this past weekend. I'm knitting on 4.5 mm circular needles (16 inch length) and making size 1-2.   If I was to do it again, I think I'd go up a needle size, because I'd like this to be a summer dress and while the fabric isn't think, it would be airier and lighter with a bit more drape.

Rafi is a tiny little sprout, so I really hope this dress will fit her!  I can't wait for her to try it on.

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  1. Very cool! Don't forget to comment on my blog so that people know to come find you and see your WIP. Also, link back to Sweet & Crunchy so your readers can see what everyone else is doing.

    It's ok if the dress is too big - Rafi will grow - but too small would be disastrous. That's what usually happens when I try to make wearable stuff :(