Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank you Avis!

Avis provided me with awesome customer service today so I've decided to give them a shout out on my blog.  Go Avis! 

Pumpkin (I haven't decided what to call my little one on this blog yet... Pumpkin?) and I arrived at the Avis counter, signed our paperwork and were ready to take the long hike to pick up the actual car.  The pick up is really far away due to construction in the regular parking garage.  I knew this in advance.  But I didn't know that there would be stairs involved.   Fortunately, the representative noticed the stroller and offered to have the car driven down from the 7th floor of the parking lot (a block away!) and brought right to the door beside the store.  Um, yes please!  When the car arrived he helped carry the stroller up a flight of stairs.  Very nice indeed.

I signed more paperwork and started loading up the car, a Toyota Yaris.  We always get a compact because my dear husband (DH for short) hates gas guzzlers.  You should have seen the atrocity he was driving when we started dating - a 92 Ford Fiesta. It was microscopic.

Anyway, I strap Pumpkin in the car seat in the back and start loading the stroller into the trunk.  Shit! The stroller is NOT going to fit in this hatchback!  And if it doesn't fit, how the heck am I going to get a bassinet and suitcase in the car too?!  So, out comes the car seat, baby goes back in the stroller and back to Avis we go.  Except, remember that flight of stairs.  Yeah...  Luckily a lovely lady offered to go get the Avis guy for me. 

I explained my predicament to him (he turned out to be the manager) and asked if I could upgrade to a bigger car.  No problem. He takes the Yaris and 15 minutes later returns with a Kia SUV.  It's gorgeous!  And has a huge trunk!  And he's already done all the paperwork for me.  Amazing!

Gurpreet, thanks for making my day as easy as possible.  W00T!


  1. Laughing because I drive a Yaris, and our stroller purchase was based on which one would fit in the hatchback. Do you have an Uppa or a Bug? I can't remember.

    Glad the Avis guy was helpful. Enjoy your time away!

  2. Atrocity?! I loved that 1992 Ford Festiva as much as I could love any car. Yes it burned fossil fuels but it was so small and it had such a sassy pink stripe, how could you not adore it?