Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday: The Frustrated Edition

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday! It seems like this is the only thing I'm consistent in posting on this blog.  I actually have a few posts in draft, but can't find the time to finish them up.  Maybe that should be my goal for the coming week, huh?

Romper Update time: I did not meet my goal of finishing Levi's overalls. This project is making me CRAZY!  It was going so well...

I ironed on the interfacing.  Then I read steps five and six of the pattern instructions. I thought I understood what I was supposed to do. I pinned the interfacing to the body of the overalls and seamed.  Something didn't look right.

So I ripped the seams and read the instructions again.  And again.  And again.  And then I consulted a few books.  Turns out I was being asked to stay stitch, except the instructions didn't say to stay stitch.  Annoying.  I was pretty happy with my clipped seams though!

I repinned. And reseamed.  And this is what I ended up with:

This lumpy, misshappen disaster.  So I ripped again.  This time I basted before seaming. It still looked like crap. I have been unable to get the facings to lie flat after turning it right-side out (or in?). Whatever.  It doesn't look good. Something is wrong. I don't know what I'm doing incorrectly. I need help! Please help! Did I cut out the fabric incorrectly (I didn't, I swear!).  I am slowly stepping away from this project before I rip it too shreds in frustration. I'll pick it up in a few days and see what I can do it finish it up. Oy!

In other news, I bought fabric for the watch me grow chart and stitched my jelly roll strips together. 
It took me a full hour to decide which strips to use. I arranged and rearranged and finally selected the eight I would use.  These are four of them. Adorable right? Next steps are to cut them into smaller pieces and arrange them in a pleasing manner.  That's my goal for this project this week.

I'm not sure if I have any readers out there besides my husband and the delightful Sara of Sweet and  but if I do, why not leave me a note and tell me what you're working on? It doesn't have to be crafty!  Oh, and take a minute to offer Sara of Sweet & Crunchy your healing vibes. She sprained her ankle.  Yeah, that's just what she needs, what with being over seven months pregnant and having two kiddos under four to wrangle! Heal quickly my friend.

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  1. I have no idea what to do about your overalls dilemma, but I hope you figure it out so you can teach me how to make a pair too!

    I love the fabrics you're using for the growth chart.

    And thanks for the healing vibes... you know, now I'm over eight months pregnant. (wow.)