Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Again with the pants

This week's WIP report is really more of an "I haven't posted pictures of projects I've recently completed so here's my chance" report.  Here goes.

Sally's tote was very well received. I'm really happy with the end result, so much so that I wanted to keep it for myself. I will be making more, as it is fast, easy and makes a great gift.

And now...lessons learned in pants version 1.0:

- Babies have short thighs. Knees are higher than you might think. This is only important if your project requires knee pads. Ahem.

 See how it looks like the knee pads are well centred here?  Levi's feet end about four inches above the bottoms. This photo is pre-hemming.

- Cloth diapers require a high rise. And a lot of room in the tush. If you think you've left enough room, add more and maybe then a little more.

-A little creativity can solve anythingLegs too narrow?  Add side stripes!  NOTE: The side stripes are a bit tough to see in this photo but trust me, they are adorable.

-Heavy cotton is great for durability, but has no drape (duh!).  I'd like to make these in a lighter fabric next time.  Since this pair is indestructible (almost denim weight, plus double denim weight on the knees) I hemmed them to be too long so that they'd fit through fall and hopefully winter. There's lots of room in the waist.
Levi isn't totally on board with the pants yet.

Obligatory "could my kid be any cuter?!" shot

I'll be making Levi more pants using the pattern I created when crafting these. The pattern needs adjusting (see lessons learned above) but remains a good guideline.  

So, what's my goal for the coming week, you ask?  I'm having space issues and need to buy a new piece of furniture to hold my ever multiplying craft supplies, my sewing machine, and some of the more fragile items that are currently housed on open shelves and/or low shelves. Levi will be crawling soon.  Things need to be secured in drawers or cupboards aware from little hands.  I'm considering getting a Pax wardrobe from Ikea, because I can customize it to suit my needs. My goal for the week is to make a decision on what exactly we are going to buy.

Check out what Sara is working on over at sweet & crunchy and don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what you accomplished this week.

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