Saturday, August 13, 2011

Boy Pants: Will They Fit?

I've been working on a pair of pants for Levi. I decided to follow a tutorial rather than buy a pattern. I chose Made's Knee Pad Pants which are pretty freaking adorable. Using a pair of Levi's pants that are a tad too big, I drew a pattern according to the instructions, and cut my fabric. Everything was going swimmingly, or so I thought. I sewed the crotch seam and the inner legs. I cut the oval knee pads and began to sew them on. I found this rather difficult and my seams are not even close to perfect, but these are rough and tumble pants so I'm okay with it. I'm even willing to show you my terrible seams! Note, the oval will be filled with straight lines.

At this point I decided to put them on Levi to see how they were fitting. And this is when I discovered that the legs were too narrow. Oy! The fabric is a thin denim with no stretch. What to do?

Enter side stripes in the same co our as the knee pads. Right now I'm basting them and then I'll try them one Levi again to make sure they fit! I'll keep you posted.

In other news, we had begun solids. Despite his expression in this photo, Levi is loving food. Last night he devoured patty pan squash. My concern that the slightly bitter taste would turn him off was totally unfounded. The boy likes him some vegetables!

Whatchu lookin' at Mama?

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