Sunday, August 21, 2011

Retail Therapy

I woke up today feeling entirely blah.  What to do? I was itching to start a sewing project, but couldn't find any inspiration in my stash.  Enter retail therapy! I had a bottle of pumped milk in the freezer and my dear husband was happy to mind the baby while I took a quick jaunt up to Fabricland.  Here's what I picked up:

These adorable flannel prints are going to make a sweet baby quilt. That's green bias tape in the package there and I also got some batting.  I'm planning to use Prudent Baby's Beginner Baby Blanket #3 tutorial.  This will be a gift, but I hope I can eke out something little for Levi with the scraps, like a soother clip perhaps.

The only new fabric is the middle one in the above photo.  These will become a patchwork something.  Maybe pillows for the living room.  Or a tote.  I love the prints and I'm slowly collecting additional pieces that match.  This could become my first quilt.  We'll see.  Clearly I am undecided.

Now, this is the piece de resistance!  That striped fabric up there?  It was $2.50 for the entire yard.  It was in the remnants bin. I think it will make a sweet romper. I decided to buy an actual pattern rather than wing it.  This particular pattern has seven clothing items so it was totally worth the price.  I can see myself making all of the items, but the romper will be first.

The new fabrics are currently being washed and dried. I'm going to start cutting my pattern.  Exciting!

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  1. Will you teach me how to use a pattern? I want to make a romper too!