Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I bet you're wondering why I didn't do WIP Wednesday last week. Well, I did an entire post and then my iPad app, Blogsy, ate it.  I have a baby, yo! I don't have time to be rewriting blog posts. It was a major bummer, but life goes on.

Started AND finished: Patio chair
On the drive home from Ancastor last weekend, we realized we had an hour extra on our Zipcar reservation and were just about at the exit for Ikea. I've been talking about getting a patio chair for our balcony for a couple weeks now. Actually, I wanted two chairs and a table, but DH pointed out we  didn't have the budget for a patio set.

So a single chair would have to do. He put it together for me as soon as we got home and handed me the care instructions.  Normally, I would ignore these instructions, but I'm working on being an adult, and you know, taking care of my stuff.  So, off to the hardware store I went to get sandpaper and teak oil.

Voila!  A chair protected from the elements.  And just in time; it rained last night!

In Progress: Pin Tuck Tee
I have now started this project three times.  The first time, several stitches got dropped while jostling around in my project bag under the stroller and try as I might, I could not pick up the twisted knit stitches properly.  Since I'd only done about 8 rows, I was fine with ripping and starting again.  While ripping I realized that the large was going to be much too wide, so I cast on a size smaller.
Take two and guess what I found in the middle of my skein?Two of the six strands in my yarn were broken.  So annoying.  I cut out that piece and continued.  I did my wrap and turns for my short rows and everything looked great.  Then I started picking up the wraps and everything went to hell.  Not really, but I wasn't happy with how they looked.  I'm going to look up some youtube videos on picking up wrapped stitches so that this attempt is more successful.  I have done the first six rows for the third time and am about to start my short rows.  Wish me luck, third times a charm and all that.

Upcoming project

I have a lot of yarn, needles, notions, project bags, what-have-you.  With multiple projects on the go, it's hard to keep organized.  I have some great organizers, all from Namaste. But even so, things can get a little messy.  We do live in a small condo, after all.  This is what my stash currently looks like:
There is a second wicker basket of yarn up on a shelf and a needle case and scissors on the coffee

I bought these bins at Winners and they match the green in some of my wall art.  I plan to use them to declutter and pretty up my pile o'stash in the coming week.

So, what have you been up to this week?

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