Monday, June 20, 2011

The Little Things

Making me happy right now:

  • The cashier at Aroma greeting me by name
  • My new patio chair from Ikea that will allow me to sit on the balcony in comfort all summer long
  • Watching my beautiful son's hand coordination improve every day. He LOVES his Winkel so much. It is always it his hand (or mouth) so I've have it clipped to his onesie for easy access.
  • My full schedule. Who knew how easy it would be to fill my days while on maternity leave?! I can't believe I worried about being bored. This week alone I have a goodbye stitch and bitch for a friend who is moving to Montreal, a coffee/play date and family visiting for Shabbat. Plus, I want to sand and treat the wood for my new chair and I'm cooking a meal for a shul family with a new baby. Not to mention all the knitting and reading I'd like to get done.
  • Sunshine and the promise of an amazing summer.

Life. It is good.

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