Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Weeklies #2

The weekly read::  DH and I are reading Catching Fire together. It's the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, which he and I read separately. This is the second novel we've read together. DH likes reading aloud and whereas I prefer to listen, so it works well.   We read a chapter each night before bed and on Shabbat we're able to get quite a lot read. We're about a third of the way in and the story is finally getting moving.  So far, so good.

The weekly film: On Monday, Pumpkin and I went to Baby and You at the Revue. It was our second time going and I have to say, it's pretty awesome.  The theatre is kept lighter than it normally would be, and the film is played at a slightly lower volume to protect babies' ears.  Two diaper changing stations are set up in the lobby, complete with wipes, antibacterial lotions and diapers in multiple sizes (I cloth diaper so don't use them, but it's a nice touch).  Both times we've been, there have been about 10 moms and babes.  It's a very relaxed vibe.  If your baby cries, no big deal!  Breastfeed, bounce, walk the aisles...anything goes!  This week's movie was The Adjustment Bureau. It was alright, nothing special, could have been better. There were loose ends, like what was Henry's motivation and wasn't the ending rather convenient?  Still, a nice way to spend the afternoon.

I also rented The Trotsky. I have a soft spot for Canadian cinema and this has been on my "to rent" list for months.  I was disappointed.  It was not good.  I enjoyed seeing Colm Fiore in the role of high school principal.  I liked seeing McGill on screen.  But overall, the film was just silly, and not in a cute, fun, quirky way (although I think this is what the filmmakers were going for). One of the main plot lines is the romance between Leon, a teen, and Alexandra, a lawyer in her mid-20's.  In the beginning it was believable because she wouldn't give him the time of day (d'uh!).  But all of a sudden she falls in love with him?  Yeah, right.  Again, what was her motivation?  Ridiculous.  Even more ridiculous were the scenes of them kissing with Leon's family looking on.  What parent is okay with their kid having an affair with someone a decade older?!

The weekly super awesome sweet find:  I received a lovely tea set (Crazy Daisy by Portmeirion, isn't it cute?) as an engagement gift and like everything I own, I quickly broke a piece. I'm nothing if not clumsy!  I broke the top of the teapot, but hooray! The sugar bowl top fit perfectly. Except, yesterday, I broke that too. Sadly, the creamer does no have a top, so I went out this afternoon to buy a new 6 cup tea pot.  I found the exact same set at William Ashley.  And, it turns out you can purchase the top only!  I bought a replacement top for the sugar bowl and the tea pot.  It could be months until I receive it because they have to wait for a larger order (the company is based in the UK) but regardless, my set will once again be complete!  Until I break another piece.  But never mind that.

The weekly political: I took Pumpkin to his very first rally this week.  W00t!  On Wednesday we went to Queen's Park for the Midwives are Worth It! Rally for Pay Equity.  Check out the Star's article on the event here.  There were reportedly 600 people in attendance.  I'm a HUGE midwifery supporter.  Maybe one day I'll tell you about my home birth experience (awesome!).  My favorite thing about the rally were the slogans. There were kids wearing t-shirts that read "Made at home, born at home" and banners that said "Because storks don't deliver babies."  We met up with a friend and her babe which leads me to...

The weekly adorable: Pumpkin at the rally.

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