Thursday, July 7, 2011

All Dressed Up and No Place to Sew

There is nothing more annoying than getting all revved up about something, and then hitting an unexpected snag. For example, deciding that tomorrow is going to be a pool day, packing your suits, towels, swim diapers and sunscreen and waking up to rain. Or researching zucchini bread recipes, picking the perfect one, getting the baby to nap, pulling out all the ingredients and finding you are one egg short.

My first sewing class was okay. I learned how to thread my machine, make a bobbin, what all the knobs do, and got a list of what to bring to the next class. Yesterday I took the subway all the way to North York to Fabricland where I muddled about completely overwhelmed, but eventually managed to purchase a pajama pant pattern, fabric and notions. I also bought fabric to make some project bags for my various crafts in progress.

When I got home...well actually when DH got home and took over baby duty, I threaded the machine my friend lent me. I planned to use some of the scrap material she gave me to make a cloth napkin. I was ready to roll. Okay, so first to sew a few stitches and then do the ever important backstitch to secure the seam. SNAG! THE BACKSTITCH FUNCTION DOES NOT WORK! AAARRRRGGGGG!!!!

So here I am, all kitted up and I can't sew! Since the machine isn't mine, I don't want to take it apart to see if I can fiddle it into working (I googled and found a tip that might possibly fix it). And I'm nit going to pay to have it fixed. The pressing decision now is, do I pony up and buy my own machine? And if yes, which one?

P.S. I have four posts in draft but just can't seem to find time to blog. I blame my almost five month old charge. Good thing he's cute.

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  1. You're welcome to come over here for some sewing machine time if you like. There's plenty of time that it's just sitting idle, and I've got the ironing board and everything else set up... not to mention the yards and yards of random fabrics.

    And next time you want to go to Fabricland, please take me with you! I love it there and I can never justify the trip! Also I have a membership and get 25% off...