Monday, June 13, 2011

This Could Be Dangerous

Remember how I recently shared with you that I'll be taking sewing lessons in July? I've been busy researching sewing machines and browsing fabrics online and reading craft and sewing blogs. I thought knitting was an expensive hobby, and It appears that sewing will be equally rough on the pocketbook. But oh! The gorgeous things people are making.

Here are a few of the handmade items and patterns that have caught my eye this week.

Pacifier clip from Sew, Mama, Sew! This looks like a perfect first project for me once I get a sewing machine. Pumpkin loves his soother and hallelujah for that! I know some parents worry about their babies becoming dependent on pacifiers, but not me. Why wouldn't I want my child to self-soothe?

The Purl Bee appears to be THE sewing and craft store/blog/hotspot and it is AWESOME. I could kill hours on this site.

Make and Takes is a parenting slash craft slash food slash home site. Browsing it gets me all excited for when Pumpkin gets old enough to craft with. I'd love to make these Twirling Paper Ladybugs together. Maybe I'll make them myself and hang them above his crib for him to look at.

Finally, How About Orange, is a site loaded with craft tutorials. How gratifying to see the one about making fabric paneled wall art because yeah, I've totally done that in our master bedroom and it looks awesome.

Sorry about the not-so-great photo. Pumpkin was napping on my bed so I needed to be quick when snapping it.

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  1. Nice! Sewing doesn't have to be expensive. You can get fabrics on sale (sign up for the Fabricland club and you get discounts regularly anyway) and you can also re-use and reclaim fabrics... a la Maria from Sound of Music, except with fabric that's less... ugly.