Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello Summer!

Judy blogged about rhubarb and strawberry compote the other day, over at Foodie Loves Baking, and it was all I could think about for days. Jude is a professional baker and a keen gardener and she is always sharing delicious sounding, healthy looking recipes. I'm no chef, but I can wing strawberry and rhubarb compote.

2 quarts of sliced strawberries and a bunch of Ontario rhubarb all cup up and ready to go.
Agave nectar instead of white sugar. I just squirted a bunch into the pot without measuring. Add a bit of water, boil and then simmer down.
I remember eating raw rhubarb dipped in white sugar as a kid. I loved anything tart. Still do. Nothing signals summer to me but the taste of rhubarb and strawberries mingling in a compote over vanilla ice cream. I'm out of vanilla right now, so dulce de leche will have to do.

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